Peter Falk: Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

Catherine Falk at Trevor’s Happy Hour


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The Falk Family: Peter & Alyce Falk with Daughters, Jackie & Catherine

Rick Segall and Catherine Falk – 15887

Catherine Falk interviewed by Joan Quinn discussing the Petal Falk Bill

How the Daughter of One of America’s Most Beloved Actors and Others Are Calling for Change  

The Asbury Park Press Investigations Team ran a shocking four-part series exploring guardianship abuse. “Betrayal of Trust: Stealing From Seniors” features the story of a New Jersey elder law attorney and court-appointed guardian who stole millions of dollars from over 16 wards under her supervision, including seniors in their 80s and 90s.

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Catherine Falk, Daughter of Legendary Actor Peter Falk

An interview at the Jordan Rich Show from July 29, 2015 – Advocating Parental Visitation Legislation.

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Peter Falk Bill is Going to Utah!

Falk’s daughter Catherine Falk is now touring states asking for legal changes that would allow children to visit their parents in the hospital or a care facility.

“When my father was very sick, my sister and I weren’t given access. We couldn’t see him,” Catherine Falk said. Peter Falk suffered from Alzheimer’s and died in 2011. His second wife kept his children from him in his last illness. “It was his last days, and you just want to spend time with your father,” Catherine Falk said. She is travelling from state to state asking for a streamlined legal process that would allow children to visit their parents.

The Peter Falk Bill: Columbo’s Daughter Catherine Falk

CATHERINE FALK, the daughter of beloved actor Peter Falk aka Columbo, is waging a state-by-state campaign to grant children access to an elderly or incapacitated parent who is under someone else’s care, & her visiting-rights bills are advancing in New York and California. If the bills go into effect, it could provide a useful model for legislation in other states.

Utah bill would protect the right to visit those in guardianship passes

A Utah senator is working on a bill that would protect the right of adult children to visit ailing parents. Woods Cross Republican Sen. Todd Weiler said the daughter of the late actor Peter Falk asked if he would sponsor visitation legislations as part of her push for similar laws around the country.

‘Columbo’ daughter pushes for bill that protects the right to visit sick parents

Across the country, there’s been a sharp rise in adult children being denied access to their ailing parents. Several states are starting to take notice and moving forward with legislation that would open up visitation rights to children.

In Falk’s case, she and her stepmother, Shera Denise Falk, were locked in a nasty court battle over conservatorship and access to the elder Falk for years.